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More Drivers = More Money

At The Bus Network, we are laser focused on ensuring motor coach operators run the most profitable and efficient business possible. If you are like many of our clients, currently one of the biggest drags on revenue growth is driver recruitment.

Working with our clients, we have found some quick, easy and inexpensive recruitment strategies to get talented drivers behind the wheel quickly.

Here are our top 7 suggestions:

  • Work on your company brand. 78% of people will research a company’s reputation before applying. Perhaps more relevant is that 88% of millennials (the future of the driver base) believe that being part of the right company culture is very important. What does “work on you brand” mean? Find what makes you a fun and meaningful place to work- and then promote the heck out of that on your website, social media channels, and even your vehicles (when possible). BTW, google yourself from time to time. Manage the reviews that you find on websites like Glassdoor and Google Business. Don’t ignore negative reviews! Respond in a constructive fashion.
  • Your current employees are your best recruitment strategy. Let’s face it, hiring is expensive (especially today). Yet your most valuable job placement advertising clocks into work for you every day. Launch a referral incentive program. Everyone likes working with their friends, right? Give a modest incentive for an employee who provides you with an applicant. Give a more significant incentive if you actually hire the person they referred.
  • Reach out to previous employees. You might be surprised how many are willing to consider working with you again. And who knows, they might just know someone else who would be interested (see #2 above).
  • Lose the resume. Most drivers don’t fall in the “resume-ready” category. Don’t ask for it. Instead, have them apply and perform a series of tests that you have prepared. Try test scenarios such as “how to handle an angry customer.”
  • Ensure the application process is mobile friendly. We all know how important mobile devices are in our lives. Make sure that your application process is easy to do while someone is sitting on a couch, in a parked car, or in the unemployment line. Make the process mobile friendly. Your website’s job application must be easy to find and complete from a mobile phone. Whatever you do, capture their email address first before completing a full application. That way if the applicant doesn’t submit their details you have a way to reach out to them later.
  • Use Social Media to reach new audiences. Social media advertising is inexpensive and extremely targeted. Only pay to advertise to potential applicants who are meet geographic and demographic profiles you might want to hire. Want employees within 5 miles of your bus yard? Set that geographic limit for your ads. Looking for retirees who want a little extra income? Set the age limits for your ads.  Bonus tip: Place social media. ads on Facebook for friends of people who are already fans of your company’s Facebook page. (Remember #1 above- get your brand in order before advertising).
  • Talk about the long term. Yes, your potential drivers have been enjoying the government subsidized benefits of not working. That train is rolling to a stop soon. Focus your recruitment messaging on the long-term benefits of working for you as a motorcoach driver. Stability? Performance based incentives? Building seniority? All of these topics resonate well with potential job applicants.

We could go on and on for days (and we are happy to, just give us a call to discuss further). However, these 7 strategies should help start the flood of applicants you need to get more drivers on the road.


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