About The Bus Network

The Bus Network was born out of a recognition that the Motorcoach and Livery industries had fallen behind our Travel and Tourism peers in their online sales presence and the ability to respond quickly to customers in a changing digital world. Through a partnership of years of first-hand bus industry experience as an owner and operator, and years of digital marketing and software development expertise, this cloud-based technology was created to offer a better experience to our industry’s customers, and a more organized and developed sales process to operators across North America.

The Bus Network offers the ability for Motorcoach and Livery operators to offer instant pricing to their customers, while also offering a suite of management tools for both sales and financial management, customer relationships, and the automation of certain aspects of your client follow-up process. This software can help to make your customers feel that you are always present for them, even when you are out of the office! It has already helped operators across North America to realize increased sales opportunities, and improved upselling of additional services to go along with their journey.

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