• Real Time Pricing
    • Customers can now get a quote based on their actual trip parameters
    • Makes sales and generate leads while your staff is out of the office
    • Customers can view all fleet offerings, and edit their selections, to make the best choice for them
    • Potential customers can see only the information that they need, minimizing confusion
  • Inventory Management
    • Mark vehicles as “Sold Out” or “Limited Availability”
    • Pricing automatically calculates from closest yard with available vehicles
    • Allow your customers to learn about your vehicle options as they go through the sales process
  • Pricing Calendar
    • Custom pricing tools for Operators, including Simple and Advanced options
    • Ability to change pricing on specific days for single vehicle types with ease
    • Price vehicles on a similar schedule, or customize by vehicle type to fit your needs
  • Customer Follow-Up
    • Automatic messages and emails generated by system to save time for your sales staff
    • Customizable and easy to use email templates for quick and efficient follow-up
    • Instant pricing turnaround to allow customers to interact with quote, and sales staff to reach out accordingly
  • Sales Management
    • Ability to assign quotes to specific salespeople, and track a quote’s progress
    • Get insights on how customers are interacting with your quotes to learn how to best reach them and close sales
    • Track your sales staff’s productivity with tools including real time dashboards and reports

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